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Welcome Mustangs!

Looking for resources? We have you covered!  We've gathered all the links and information for current parents to help your student have a productive school year including MyMullen, back to school information, daily announcements, and much more.

Text Alerts

Our school utilizes the MyMullen system to deliver urgent alerts, straight to your mobile phone and email. We will only use text alerts important information about school closings, safety alerts and more. You can participate in this free service* by updating your notifications setting in MyMullen. Please follow the step below to setup Emergency Alert notifications for yourself, your student and any other family members that need direct notifications. 

Setting up your Announcements in MyMullen:

Step 1: Go to http://mullenhigh.myschoolapp.com/. Log in with your MyMullen Log-in information.

Step 2: In the top, right corner you will see your photo and name. Click here for the drop-down menu and select Settings 

Step 3: Once in Settings, you will select Notifications on the left-hand side under Account Settings

Step 4: Under the label TEXT Number, you will see a phone number OR “None Available!” If you have a phone number skip to step 7. For those with “None Available!” click on the button to add your phone number.

Step 5: You will need to add your cell phone number in the text box on the next screen. You MUST also select your cell phone provider. Click the blue Save button. Please note, this number must be able to receive text messages to move forward.

Step 6: On the next window you will need to enter the six-digit code that was texted to the number you provided and select the Activate Text Device button.

Step 7: Now you should be back to the Notifications Settings. The first notification listed under Type is Announcements. You will need to select “Edit Options” or if it is your first time setting this up select “Setup Options” to the right of Announcements.

Step 8: Click on the box next to Emergency under General Categories to make sure there is a blue box with a white check mark. Now, click the blue Save button.

Step 9: Once you are back on the Notifications Settings site, select the checkbox under E-mail and Text for the line for Announcement.

Step 10: Close out of MyMullen. You are now signed up to receive text notifications about Inclement Weather, Campus Closures, Health and Safety concerns, and other alerts from the Mullen High School administration.

If you have any issues please contact Patrick Motter at 303-761-1764 ext 3334.

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